Second chances for ex-offenders through education

Longford Prize

Longford Prize Winner: FPWP Hibiscus

16th June 2006

The judges made special mention of FPWP Hibiscus's educational campaigns in Jamaica and Nigeria which warn women of the long prison sentences that face them if they agree to travel to the UK as 'drug mules'. This work has resulted in a sharp drop in such arrests at UK points of entry. The judges were impressed by the charity's ability to tackle both the immediate problems of female foreign national prisoners and the longer term causes of their offending behaviour.

The Longford Prize judges also made special mention of three other entries:

Chance UK, a charity offering mentoring to 5-11 year olds who have been judged to be in danger of slipping tinto criminal behaviour further down the line;

Roma Hooper, for her pioneering work at Feltham Young Offenders' Institution and with the Prison Radio Association; and

Lucie Russell and Smart Justice, for its highly effective campaign in favour of alternatives to custodial sentences and its ability to engage a popular audience in such issues.

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