Second chances for ex-offenders through education

Longford Prize

Longford Prize Winner: Inquest

2nd December 2009

The judges' commendation reads as follows: 'We award the 2009 Longford Prize to Inquest for its remarkable perseverance, personal commitment and courage in an area too often under-investigated by the public authorities, and especially for its support for the families of those who have taken their own lives while in the care of the state'.

They also made special mention of two other entries:

KeyRing's Working for Justice Group - 'for its pioneering work, drawing on first hand experience, in championing fairer treatment for people with learning difficulties and disabilities in the criminal justice system'.

Junior Smart and the SOS Gangs Project - 'for his determination and couage in tackling knife crime and the gang culture by his face-to-face engagement with those involved so as to make a difference to their outlook and to improve the safety of the community'.

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