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Longford Prize

Longford Prize Winner: Prisoners' Advice Service (PAS)

22nd November 2012


The Longford Prize 2012 was awarded to the Prisoners' Advice Service (PAS). The judges' citation read: “The Prisoners' Advice Service has a long, distinguished and unique track record in providing legal advice, standing up for the rights of prisoners, and ensuring proper judicial scrutiny of what goes on behind bars.  This courageous, persistent and independent organisation is an unsung national treasure, and plays a role that, we judges believe, is ever more vital at a time when legal aid is being cut.”

The judges also made a "Highly Commended Award" to Clean Break theatre company.  The citation read: “For 33 years Clean Break has pioneered creative theatre work with women in the criminal justice system.  It is, we believe, a proven and remarkable example of how the arts can transform the lives of prisoners, and contribute to their rehabilitation. Its focus on women shines a light on the particular situations that lead them to offend.”

And the judges made a Lifetime Achievement Award to Paul Cavadino.  Their citation read: “Paul Cavadino has, over four decades, including through his work at NACRO, played a peerless role as a leading expert on criminal justice and prisons, always accurate and independent of political or sectional bias.  His influence in Westminster, Whitehall and beyond over policy on sentencing, prison conditions and rehabilitation has made a practical difference to the lives of many thousands of our most vulnerable citizens.”





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