Second chances for ex-offenders through education

Longford Prize

Longford Prize Winner: Christopher Morgan

16th February 2004

The judges praised the work of volunteers from The Shannon Trust, established by Christopher Morgan in 1997, who go into prisons to train literate prisoners to teach fellow inmates who have problems reading and writing.  ‘I have seen no-hopers and self harmers turn into smart, alert prisoners with self-esteem because of this scheme’, one prison governor had written.

The Longford Prize judges also highly commended four further entries:

(1) Clive Hopwood from Welshpool, founder of the Writers in Prison network;

(2) Karen Whitehouse, from Brixton, south London, for her work through the charity Adfam with prisoners’ families and in tackling the links between drugs and criminality;

(3) Fine Cell Work, a charity which works with male and female prisoners to produce highly intricate pieces of needlework which are sold with proceeds going to the prisoners to ease their reintegration into society on release; and

(4) Thames Valley Circles of Support and Accountability, a community-based organization in the Oxford and Bucks region that supports sex-offenders when they are released from prison.  

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