Second chances for ex-offenders through education

The Longford Scholarships

How to apply for a scholarship

Important criteria

Before completing the detailed application form please check that you meet all our criteria on the second page of the application form.


We are not able to reply to all the applications that don’t meet our stated criteria as we are a small charity with limited office resources.  If you don’t hear from us it means we are sorry but your application for a scholarship was not successful. We reply to questions on the application process as long as they are from applicants who meet our stated criteria.

Timing for the Longford Scholarship

We need to receive your application form by June 1st of the year you intend to start your degree

For Open university degrees starting in February however, the application closing date is June 1st of the previous year

You will hear within one month of the application closing date if you are successful.

There are three ways to apply

1. Apply online

Online Scholarship application form

Save and Return

We recommend you save your application form so you may return to complete it at any time.
You can use this link to register and return to log in at a later time.

Scholarship Application Form Register / Log In

2. Print the application form and post

Print version of our application form

  • Please use clear handwriting or send a typed version. 
  • Feel free to use extra sheets if you need more space to answer, then attach the pages together firmly.
  • Don’t write on the back of sheets.
  • Check you’ve answered all the questions, and sign the declaration
  • Post it to The Longford Trust, PO Box 64302, London NW6 9JP

3. Request an application form

You can contact us to request a detailed pack on how to apply for a Longford Scholarship or Patrick Pakenham Educational Award by post. Please follow the guidelines above when to return the form.

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